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A region Focused on nature and water sports

If you love nature, you’ll love being here in the heart of it all. Surrounded by the mountains and with an amazing view of the Dévoluy and Vercors ranges and Mount Aiguille, the campsite sits in the heart of three nature reserves (Vercors, Chartreuse and Ecrins - the biggest nature reserve in France!) at the foot of Lake Monteynard in the centre of a region brimming with local and gastronomic delights!
Enjoy the pure air, long lake and nature walks through sumptuous landscapes, water sports on one of the most popular lakes in Europe for windsurfing, and delicious specialty foods that have made the region famous (Saint-Marcellin and Beaumont cheeses, Chartreuse liqueur, Gratin Dauphinois, Grenoble walnut and more)!
For those who love history and culture, Grenoble is only 30 minutes away!


Cross Lake Monteynard On the Himalayan footbridge trail

Indiana Joneses and other budding adventurers: you’ll love this walk! Complete a full or half loop of the lake using the Drac and Ebron Himalayan footbridges sitting 45 metres above the lake (or even 85 metres, depending on the water level)! Enjoy the 12.5 km trail on foot or by bike. But be careful, the landscapes will take your breath away!

Admire the Vizille Château And stroll around its parks

Built in the 17th century, the Vizille Château has been a home to dukes, a fabric printing factory, a cradle of the French Revolution, a private estate and even a presidential home from 1925 to 1960. It is currently home to the French Revolution Museum which you can visit free of charge! Its landscaped grounds and rural park are perfect for enjoying charming strolls.

Pilgrimage and countryside views At Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette

The Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette sanctuary (with its remarkable architecture!) welcomes 150,000 to 200,000 pilgrims every year, making it the second most popular pilgrimage site in France, after Lourdes. Perched 1,800 metres high, this sacred site offers an amazing view over the Ecrins mountain range, and the lakes, rivers and peaks of Dévoluy.

Discover a former mine in a fun way At Mine Images

Ready for a different outing? Travel back in time and discover how a mine operated... Inside an actual mine! After a 20-minute educational film retracing the mine’s geological background, its coal, and the Matheysin plateau’s anthracite, guides will lead you down into the galleries while explaining how it worked and sharing some anecdotes.

Say hi to the marmots At Alpe du Grand Serre

If you like nature and animals, you’ll love this hike! Take the La Blache chairlift and come meet one of our mountains’ cutest inhabitants: the marmots. A marmot colony has in fact set up home at Alpe du Grand Serre and if you are quiet you can see them up close.

Buy local, organic products At Sainte-Luce farm

Cheese, bread, meat, yoghurt and charcuterie: you’ll relish this experience! At Sainte-Luce farm, everything is organic and prepared on site to delight your taste buds. The store also sells some products from nearby producers, which you can add to your basket. And you can even visit the farm (during store opening hours or with a group booking)!

Take to the heights At Air Park!

Wake up your inner Tarzan, Jane or monkey! Get your fill of thrills and outdoor adventure by heading to Air Park tree adventures! Follow the fun, physical trails high in the trees around the forest, lake and river designed for all ages (4-104 years). Give it a go! The ziplines over the river are simply stunning!

Travel between lakes and mountains With Le Petit Train de La Mure
After years of closure, our little train is back!
Take a moment for a meeting between breathtaking natural landscapes and historical discovery of Matheysine.